Thursday, November 20, 2014

Open Studio Snapshots - Exploring Paper

Last month, I invited families to join their children here for our first Open Studio of the year. Seeing as paper was the first material that children used in the Studio, it only seemed fitting that this be the subject of this initial Open Studio. Here are some photos of an evening spent exploring this remarkable material (with some tape thrown in). 

Simon and his mama, Kendra (our pedagogista), spent a long time playing with really big pieces of transluscent mylar and white paper. Simon summed up some differences he learned: "This one (the white paper) doesn't make any sound and this one does. This one (the mylar) is fast and this one is slow."

Maddy and her dad, Justin, worked with colored cardstock. Maddy made the snowflake decorations you see on the table by layering strips of blue paper over each other and taping them together. She went on to make many other creations, such as a phone made entirely out of paper. 

Anna and Julie, two sisters, played with the paper hanging from the ceiling. After much pulling and tugging, they finally managed to pull down a thick rope of brown packing paper.

O. brought pieces of colored acetate and tissue paper over to sticky contact paper taped to the window. She carefully arranged each piece, beginning with a series of vertical lines, then adding some horizontal ones. 

Harlan and his mom, Sky, worked with tape and paper. Harlan created a three-dimensional haunted house, with many curving pathways. Sky used black tape to collage a black tree against a blue background.

It really is beautiful to see so many children and parents from across the classrooms of PTCC join together, creating and exploring side by side, in one room. Thank you to everyone who participated in making our first Open Studio a huge success! 


  1. This is absolutely beautiful -- the smiles, the joyful exploration, the hard work, the time spent together! <3 And I'm particularly proud that Preschool Two is so strongly represented in this Open Studio!! :)